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Aurora Redville in spiaggia

My new life

There is always a new beginning!

My things ...


My name is Aurora and this is my blog.

Writing is the thing I love the most, but there are many things that are worth doing, for example I love doing yoga, early in the morning to start the day well and in the evening to relax before going to sleep, sometimes even the my children salute the sun with me or the moon if they are still standing.

Meditation is an important part of my daily life, I always find the serenity necessary to face everything.

I live far from Sardinia but I manage to maintain a very special bond with my homeland, the sounds are an indelible memory: the sound of the waves breaking on the shore is something incredible.

But the sound of children's laughter also warms my heart.

Walking with Ohm my four-legged friend at a firm pace in the woods, just me and him, our hearts beating almost at the same time and our gazes that meet before a climb that is a bit tiring for me, he turns around and with his big eyes tells me "courage I'll pull you up!" and I follow him wherever he takes me.

I love the colors of nature, the warmth of summer, which is also typical of those born on an island, certainly a large island but still a territory surrounded by the sea, with the wind blowing all year round. I miss this ...

I love to write in the evening even if I find it difficult to detach myself from the sheets of paper and from my thoughts. But everything has its own logic, I personally relax in the evening and I am better able to elaborate my reflections and the fantasies that lead me to create.

I decided to make writing my job, because it was the dream of my life, sometimes it is difficult to "throw yourself" and follow your heart, so many doubts, but when you understand that you have to find the courage to do it it becomes easier.

The phrase "it's never too late" suits me, in fact after graduating in Architecture I got back into the game by cultivating my passion in silence, then it was time to tell the world and everything became more real.

As a child I had many dreams, the most vivid was being a stylist and for this reason I then chose an artistic course of study, the important thing was to create, while I was writing as a hobby, I had never thought of making it become something else, I felt good every time I put my thoughts and worries on paper, I seemed to be able to process them from another point of view.

I also dreamed of being a Formula 1 driver and maybe that's why I like to drive, it's also the reason why I talk about it in my first novel, I think that in every character there must be a piece of who writes because the books are like children: you create them and give them to the world!

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