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Ohm's Life

Stories of a very lively puppy

Ohm's life

Hello everyone!

My name is Ohm and I was born on the first day of summer, maybe that's why I have a sunny disposition or "lively and explosive" as my mother says.

I grew up with two other four-legged siblings: Grant and Uccio who is the diminutive of Iron Cat, they are two of the four surviving kittens my dad saved his life ... I'll tell you more about them in the first story.

In the meantime, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your reading, it will be fun!

Ohm's word

Everything has begun ...


My arrival home

On September 1st 2018 I received a surprise visit while I was playing with my brothers, we were in the garden rolling around and then I saw a family: two children with mum and dad ...


Everyone has the dog they deserve

I was for a walk with my puppy Ohm, and we were doing our usual walk in the woods near our house, when in the distance I saw a gentleman. So far everything is the norm ...

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