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Il mio arrivo a casa

My arrival home

On September 1st 2018 I got a surprise visit while I was playing with my brothers, we were in the garden rolling around and then I saw two children with their mum and dad. They smiled at me so I went to smell them, they tasted good, like baked cookies as I discovered later, instead their mom had a scent of flowers that I really liked so when she bent down I licked her whole face.

They laughed and they immediately put me joy as well as the largest -Nicolò- took me in his arms I felt safe, my brothers are back at home and I was playing with them, all the pampering they were for me and it was gorgeous.


The youngest -Mattia- asked me if I wanted to go with them and tried to pick me up but he couldn't, so their mother took me -Aurora- mmh what a scent!

As I walked out of the gate I had a strange feeling and suddenly felt sad, all the way I was with Aurora, she caressed me and tried to calm me when I started shaking, then I fell asleep in her arms and woke up when the car stopped.

Aurora came out and put me on the ground, there was a giant lawn so I went to sniff and pee, everyone laughed and seemed delighted, I explored a bit and met a strange animal said his name was Ash the Hedgehog, he advised me not to get too close and said I can't eat his things.

The children called me by name Ohm and I understood that I had to follow them. There was a large house with a rather strange construction but overall I liked it, the only problem was the stairs: I don't know how to climb stairs.

Emiliano took me - my father - and took me into the house. I immediately smelled a strange smell and as soon as he put me down I looked around, I heard a rustle under the sofa so I peeked, as soon as I approached I saw a yellow lightning bolt that splashed under the cabinet, instead after a moment it came outside a strange little gray creature who jumped on the sofa.

I tried to get closer and I smelled her, she was a sissy, she was very scared so the children sat down and introduced us: "Ohm, this is Grant, she is your little sister and you must not scare her" while Nicolò gave me the recommendations she started to blow and I overturned in fright.

Mattia arrived with another one like Grant but all yellow. “He is Uccio your little brother but in reality his name is Iron Cat, like Iron Man, because he is a survivor. We previously called them Effetto and Grant after our mother's novel but it's too long ”.

Aurora took me to the other rooms of the house to let me sniff, and I found my kennel with a nice soft toy inside right in front of the sofa, I bit it a bit and then I went back to the two new brothers to play with them chasing them , but the two of them were jumping all over the place so I got tired after ten minutes.

Keep it going…

Ognuno ha il cane che si merita

Everyone has the dog they deserve

The best of the week

Good morning friends, how was the week?

Mine was challenging but enjoyable, at times fun… certainly it's not over yet, I'm sure the weekend will still have some surprises in store for me.

I am a person who usually observes the details and, from time to time I run into people who seem to have come out of some comedy, science fiction, fantasy, sometimes even thriller ... yes, I would say that's right.

Anyway, this week some things have happened that I want to share with you, certainly something I will use for my new book, but it is also true that reality usually far exceeds fantasy.

Here's the first funny thing that happened to me and, I admit that I had to maintain some self-control ...

I was for a walk with my puppy Ohm, and we were doing our usual walk in the woods near our house, when in the distance I saw a gentleman.


Up to now everything normal (it often happens to cross other dogs with their owners), then as he approached I heard barking, too bad I did not see well because there were many plants along the path, suddenly I see a very tender, tiny dog , cream-colored and with a truly fashion coat.

It was all pink with the word GIRL, I smiled at her right away, but my Ohm was super excited to meet such a cute sissy so he started shaking (only boxers do) and then pulling at her. I was absolutely calm because unlike the other dog (who no longer exists) who when he crossed Chihuahua, dwarf Pincher and other tiny dog ​​breeds he just thought "fiesta tempts you three times as much!" it means that he would have devoured them only because they tried to bite his face, instead with my Ohm I was very calm until ...

The gentleman in question could have been between 45 and 50 years old, average build, but observing him closely I thought he was a sportsman, one of those who go to the gym, it was just a little strange to see him keep an all pink leash, it wasn't much let's say masculine, but it was certainly coordinated with the coat. However, he seemed to have some physical prowess, so when the little chihuahua started pulling at Ohm barking furiously I expected him to joke while trying to "tame" his puppy. But no. The scene was more or less like this: the little girl pulled towards us, and Ohm pulled to meet her by wagging her tail and inserting her tactic of "constant licking" or as her veterinarian says of "serial licker" when I hear the man scream "keep it keep it !!" with my eyes bulging, I have the collarbone that is about to detach along with the wrist so much is pulling Ohm, but I do not give up. I see the guy with the terror in his eyes and I think he is probably afraid that his sweet puppy will be eaten… but no, while I hold the leash firmly I hear again “keep it keep it! Oh God I don't keep it, I don't keep it !!! "

I don't keep it ??? I burst out laughing at the scene, in short, it's pretty ridiculous isn't it?

So between a laugh and another I reply: "Can he do it or do I have to call for help?"

He looks at me with wide eyes and explodes “there is little to laugh about! She pulls a lot she seems thirsty! " I'm wondering what it means but she continues “Look, even if she's small she pulls a lot, she looks like a lioness! It's not my fault. "

I don't know what to answer because I already find what he is saying ridiculous, but I venture a question: "I guess ... hmm how much does it weigh?"

"Well one kilo and two hundred grams" yes, grams are important in life.

"Ah I understand ... do you want to try to keep mine?" and I laugh.

"But for heaven's sake! So I split my shoulder! "

I stare at him holding back another laugh even though by now I have tears in my eyes, and then I ask politely: "Excuse me but is it yours or your girlfriend?"

He raises his hands: “for heaven's sake, no! I hate dogs, it's my girlfriend's. However, it's strange because when I take her out I'm always upset… she always tries to escape. "

"I understand. Maybe she feels it, here she probably feels that she doesn't love her. "

“Of course I don't love her, my girlfriend prefers her to me! And then she is so ridiculous with these coats, she will have a dozen of them all in different colors. " In a whimpering tone!

Before I ask for a psychotherapy session I think "okay maybe I better go away".

"Look, I have to go that way, can you take the puppy in your arms? So we are all calmer ... "

"Mmmh okay."

I wait for him to pick her up and what does he do? He takes out of his pocket a pair of cream-colored disposable gloves that I usually use to clean silver earrings. He wears them and then lifts the dog holding her dangerously in front of him but without bringing her close to his body.

I keep Ohm with a short leash and as I pass on the side of the road the strange gentleman smiles at me, so Ohm who has delusions of protagonism decides to give him a kiss, so without my being able to do anything he raises his front legs and places them on his right shoulder, at the same time he licks his face and the one there to pull back ends up losing his balance and almost falls to the ground.

I tug at my dog ​​and he yells at me: "keep that kind of walking lick !!!" I look at him seriously and reply "mine will also be a serial licker, but at least he weighs thirty-five kilos !!"

"What are you implying?"

At this point he had a strange face, kind of bewilderment mixed with anger. I, who don't usually provoke, gave up and said: "I'm not insinuating anything ..." and while I was saying these words the poor dog kept in the air for too long began to fidget, and to top it off she pooped on his shoe stylish by Saucony.

Before bursting into laughter, I ran away as he with his mouth open and an expression of disbelief looked at his shoe.

What can I say?

Who knows if he also had wet wipes in his pocket.

Good day

Aurora Redville.

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