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Reading Room

De gustobus non est disputandum


Thriller or thriller, romance or fantasy, dystopian and historical, erotic or humorous ... there are many genres but each of us has his own tastes and preferences.

Here you will find different genres and many reading tips.

What is the Reading Room?

First of all it is a real place, I visited it the first time I went to the British Museum and I fell in love with it.

I thought a lot about that symbolic space where the greats of literature studied: from Gandhi and Oscar Wilde ...

I have chosen it as the name of this page because I would like all of you to feel in a safe place where you can find some serenity and discover ever new Authors and Stories for those who read them.

In addition to book reviews, there will be reading tips by genre because to find your own genre you have to read a bit of everything.

Enjoy the reading

Reading Room

There are books that remain in your heart, others that you never forget, some you wish they would never end, but they all have one thing in common: the ability to take you far.

Each book is a journey!

Aurora Redville

Italian authors


The rainbow balloon

by Kiki Blu

March 12, 2020

Welcome reader friends,

after the Christmas break here I am to offer you a new reading that is ideal for this holiday period, why? Perhaps the title will make you understand.


#kidsandbooks #little readers


Alla scoperta del Liberty di Mario Mirko Vucetich

12 gennaio 2021

Bentrovati amici lettori,

oggi vi parlo di un libro diverso dal solito infatti non si tratta di un’opera di narrativa ma di un volume di Storia dell’Arte il cui titolo evoca ricordi non troppo lontani.

Mario Mirko Vucetich (1898-1975). Architettura, scultura, pittura, disegno di Andrea Speziali,

Aurora Redville e Intrigo in Costa Verde

Intrigue in Costa Verde , by Gianluca Arrighi set in the land of the sun.

15 Sep 2020

Welcome reader friends,

here I am with a new review dedicated to Noir lovers, the protagonist is one of the most read detective books of the summer “Intrigo in Costa Verde” by Gianluca Arrighi, released last July 16, published by CentoAutori.

#noiritaliano #librigialli #intrigoincostaverde


La mongolfiera arcobaleno

di Kiki Blu

7 gennaio 2021

Bentrovati amici lettori,

dopo la pausa natalizia eccomi per proporvi una nuova lettura che è l’ideale per questo periodo di vacanza, perché? Forse il titolo vi farà capire.


#kidsandbooks #piccolilettori

una storia straordinaria. io.jpeg

Una storia straordinaria, di Diego Galdino

12 marzo 2020

Ben trovati amici lettori, oggi vi parlerò di un libro che mi è entrato nel cuore, suggerisco la colonna sonora da ascoltare con la lettura: Nessun dorma interpretata da Luciano Pavarotti.

#romance #romanzo #booklovers



An extraordinary story , by Diego Galdino

March 12, 2020

Welcome reader friends, today I will tell you about a book that has entered my heart, I suggest the soundtrack to listen to while reading: Nessun dorma interpreted by Luciano Pavarotti.

#romance #novel #booklovers

#an extraordinary story

Aurora Redville e Nella Balena.jpg

Nella Balena, by Alessandro Barbaglia

10 Sep 2020

Welcome reader friends,

after the summer break here I am with the first review; I wanted to unplug a bit and dedicate myself to reading, enjoy the magnificent stories that accompanied me in the hot August afternoons, and now I'm ready to tell you about them.

#nellabalena #libridaleggere #narrativa


“Beyond the things I have” by Lauranna D'Alesio

A journey of self-discovery.

Welcome reader friends, today I am talking about a book that has kept me company these evenings.

“Beyond the things I have” by Lauranna D'Alesio, Viola Editrice (22 May 2020) fiction, 200 pages. #novel #always read #stories

4 Dec 2020


Asymptotes and other stories in grams , by Davide Rocco Colacrai

Welcome reader friends, today I am talking about a book that has kept me company these days.

A reading that differs in genre from the previous one, in fact it is a book of poems "Asymptotes and other stories in grams" by Davide Rocco Colacrai, Le Mezzelane Casa Editrice 2019. #poetry #poetiitaliani

4 Dec 2020


The Chronicles of Alaster Vol.1: DRAGO - by Leonardo Tomer

Welcome reader friends,

today after a short break I'm going back to talk to you about a book I read in November, a fantasy for all lovers of the genre.

The Chronicles of Alaster Vol. 1: DRAGO - by Leonardo Tomer, Albatros Il Filo editore 2019.

First I suggest the soundtrack for reading: Imagine Dragons - Demons. #fantasy #dragon

2 Dec 2020

L'Argentiera view.jpg

Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin
Aurora Redville e Il treno di Cristallo.

The crystal train , the new novel by Nicola Lecca

Welcome reader friends, today's book review is a tribute to my land: Sardinia.

The author of this new novel is in fact called Nicola Lecca and he was born in Cagliari, even if he lived in many places his origins are ...

March 29, 2020

Aurora Redville e La nostra Londra.jpg

Our London , by Simonetta Agnello Hornby and George Hornby

Welcome reader friends,

today I'm talking about a book that I loved from the very first pages, as always I suggest the soundtrack that undoubtedly falls on the most famous English group in history: The Beatles with Help.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love ...

May 27, 2020

Aurora Redville e Signorina.jpg

Miss Memories of a married girl, by Chiara Sfregola.

Welcome reader friends,

today I am talking about a book that deeply impressed me, I needed to reflect a few days on what it had passed on to me because there were many ideas to write a review, I'm talking about the new book by Chiara Sfregola ...

23 Sep 2020

Aurora Redville e Appena nata.jpg

"Newborn" the world seen by a child

29 September 2020

Welcome reader friends,

today I'm talking about a book that has kept me company these days.

uno su dieci.jpg

One in ten , by Samantha Errani

July 17, 2020

Welcome reader friends,

today I'm here to talk to you about a new book: it's not a novel, nor an essay nor a thriller ...

Aurora Redville e Attimi

"Attimi" the first collection of poems by Luca Seta.

February 6, 2020

Welcome back friends readers,

today I'm talking about a person with whom I had the pleasure of speaking.


The Irreducible Irreconcilability of Being , by Simon Schiele

Welcome back friends readers, today I'm talking about a novel that ...

Aurora Redville e Bellanima.jpg

Bellanima, the true story of a love by Luciana Cerreta

Hello readers friends,

as the first review of the year I propose a self published book.

tu sei musica 1.jpg

You are music , by Simona Bianchera

Hello readers friends, today I am talking about Simona Bianchera's debut novel "Tu sei musica

Aurora Redville e L'invitato.jpg

The guest , by Massimiliano Alberti

Welcome reader friends, today I'm talking about a book that I finished reading a few days ago, I'm talking about The Invited by Massimiliano Alberti, Infinito editions January 18, 2018.

As always I suggest the soundtrack to read the review, I thought of something sophisticated that is well suited to art ...

16 Oct 2020

Aurora Redville e Un modo semplice.jpg

A simple way , by Daniela Piras

Welcome reader friends,

today I am talking about “A simple way”, published by Talos edizioni, a novel that is particularly close to my heart because it was written by Daniela Piras, an author from Sassari, my hometown.

21 Jul 2020


Un libro sogna.

Il libro è l'unico oggetto 

inanimato che possa 

avere sogni.

Flavio Faiano


Penelope's impatience .

19 Sep 2019

Good morning friends readers, today I'm talking about a Romance The Impatience of Penelope, by Giovanna Di Verniere

cerco te1.jpg

I'm looking for you . A race against time.

October 9, 2019

Hello readers friends, today is the ideal day to publish a review of a mystery ...

lanarchia dei punti di vista.jpg

The anarchy of points of view.

2 December 2019

Hello readers friends,

today I'm talking about a book published a few months ago ...


Goodbye Jude. Love doesn't go on vacation or maybe it does?

10 Sep 2019

Good morning friends readers, are you spending your holidays well?

Today I present to you a debut author, dear Raffaella ...

io e bosco bianco.jpg

Bosco Bianco , by Diego Galdino

10th July 2019

Hello readers friends, today I'm talking about the latest book by the Roman writer / bartender… Diego Galdino!

look left.jpg

Look left . Turn your gaze to change!

June 21, 2019

There are books that "choose" you before they are even published ...


June and the colors of the rainbow.

Hello readers friends,

as anticipated on the Instagram post this is the month of Pride and I would like to present you two books that have marked my research path as a very young girl.

18 Jun 2019

io sono cup.jpg

I am Cupid , by Francesca Silvia Loiacono

Hello readers friends,

since June is the month of Pride, I decided to talk not only about gay literature but also about traditional romance and contemporary sentimental, because #loveislove !

11 Jun 2019

matteo secchi2.jpeg

The paradox of normality , by Matteo Secchi.

Hello readers friends, today I will talk to you about an author from my beloved land; Matteo Secchi was born in Cagliari, and he managed to amaze me with his debut novel.

I read it calmly, enjoying the pages that slipped through my fingers

7 Jun 2019

The world is a beautiful book,

but it is of little use to those who cannot read

Carlo Goldoni

due uomini e una culla 2.jpg

Two men and a cradle , by Andrea Simone

Good morning friends,

today I resume the cycle "my stories" even if in reality it is the review / interview of a book that I had the honor of introducing to the Nuova Idea bookshop in Borgosesia a few months ago.

17 May 2019


This is how it has to go . Inspired by a true story.

Hello readers friends,

today I'm talking about a very special person, the author of “This is how it must go”, she is Stefania Calvellini and we “found” each other by chance.

The gift of the writer is to know how to convey through words a ...

11 Jun 2019

Il rumore del pallone sul cemento by Aur

The noise of the ball on concrete, by Dario Santonico

Good morning friends,

to continue to tell you "my stories" today I begin to publish some slightly different stories. By doing the work I love, I had the opportunity to meet people who share a dream, plans and hopes with me.

12 Dec 2018

Scacco matto al re bianco 3.jpg

Checkmate to the White King, by Simone Giusti

Welcome reader friends,

for this “review story” I have decided to act in reverse, first I will present the book and then its author; partly because he is not a rookie, in fact he already has eight published stories and about twenty short stories to his credit ...

25 Feb 2019

Le chiavi di Platone by Aurora Redville.

The keys of Plato, hunting for mysteries ...

When it comes to mysteries ...

Good morning friends readers, today I will tell you about another author who managed to pique my interest only with the title of his novel: The Keys of Plato. I thought about which artist I could associate ...

28 Jan 2019

diego 8.jpg

Never Never, Diego Cabras's debut novel

Good morning friends,

I wish you a happy start to the year!

Here I am finally talking about another emerging author. I apologize for the delay with which I am publishing the posts but, sometimes mom's job takes longer than expected ...

10 Jan 2019

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