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Things from Writers

Do you want to write a short story or a novel?

Here's how to get started

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Notes from my experience

How to write a novel. My advice step by step .

Writing a novel is a great undertaking, a very demanding job but one that gives a lot of satisfaction.

If you have decided to do it, here are some points that could be useful to you, think about those who have already done it before you.

  1. Decide the genre you want to write.

I happened to have to present my first job to several publishing agencies and you have to be ready, if you have to talk about your novel you have to know how to present it well. While I was waiting for my turn I met other emerging authors who were very excited; the first thing I asked my neighbor was "what genre is your novel?" she looked at me widening her eyes and exclaimed "oh god I don't know, why don't they tell you?".

It is not the others who have to ask you what kind of novel you write, but you have to be the one to propose yourself well, it is an advice that is valid for everything but above all for the presentation of a work: if what you say first fascinates you, this enthusiasm will also be perceived by others. This brings me to point 2.

2. Write with clear ideas

It is very nice to write what you want, following the instinct, the feeling of the moment, but it is important to choose what you are best suited for. I like them, a little bit of all genres except gory thrillers because they are suggestible, so my choice will never fall on the latter genre. If I have to choose between my passions, I certainly like to talk about travel and love, even if I do not disdain suspense.

3.Read a lot

Once you have decided to undertake

this "path" you have to read a lot,

will help you get ideas

interesting, try to understand the techniques that

the author used to create a story that

it works, so you will refine your style.

  4. Write every day

This is very important advice. Writing is a constant training and the more you do it the better you can find concentration, no matter when you write, some prefer to do it during the day and others at night, there is no precise rule, the important thing is to dedicate yourself completely to your project as soon as you have a few minutes of time available.


5. Establish a time

The first draft should last no more than three months. Why? Because our writing style changes day after day, also based on what we read and the daily experiences we live. Write quickly without thinking too much about the form, later you can make all the changes you think necessary without losing focus.

And then?

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What is the Incipit?

I personally love looking at book covers so I often let myself be enchanted, but after admiring it I open the book and read the incipit .


The originality

These days I'm reading a book that I like and above all that I feel mine, it's a strange thing empathy can happen even if you don't know a person ...

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How to Write a Pitch!

What is the pitch?

The pitch is the exposition of the idea of ​​the story we wrote ...



Character creation is one of my favorite parts but also one of the hardest, each character has to be ...

Writing is sharing

Sometimes I think about the meaning that “writing” has for me and each time I find positive and never negative notes.

I'm sure a lot of writers think the same way I do when I say it's the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing before I fall asleep. It is not self-centered but only passion for what you do, the need to communicate your thoughts, the desire to tell stories, everything we like or make us dream.

The experiences of everyday life can be repetitive, but when you have your own world, everything becomes more beautiful, you take in the positive aspects of it all and appreciate things that others don't even see. They are subjective characteristics like words that take shape on paper, but the more you observe the world around us, the more you discover how wonderful it is.

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