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Once upon a time...

When I was a child all fairy tales started like this, maybe that's why I've always liked creating stories, inventing a story made me fantasize about living other lives.

And it still has the same effect nowadays, the part that I like best is the beginning, whether I am writing a story or reading it to my children.

I thought of a page of short stories because you don't always have time to read novels, while a few minutes of reading we can find them all.

I write various genres therefore to each his own!

Enjoy the reading…

Mystery ...

La casa con le persiane verdi.jpg

The house with the green shutters.

1 part

Welcome reader friends,

today I propose a story that was inspired by Monica, a blogger friend; he had just finished reading a novel that spoke of strange "presences" and recalled some memories that were a bit lost in memory.

Have you ever found yourself in mysterious situations? Strange scents in the air ...

Image by Jaël Vallée

The house with the green shutters.

2 part

Welcome reader friends,

I propose the second part of the story "The house with the green shutters", the first part can always be found on the Once Upon a Time page.

Council to read the story in one breath as background music by putting the original soundtrack of the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.


Sala storica

The house with the green shutters.

3 part

Welcome reader friends,

here we are at the third and last part of the story "The house with green shutters", the first and second parts have already been published.

I recommend reading the story in one breath with one of my favorite songs: Billie Eilish - No Time To Die.

To laugh...

Halloween by Redville house.jpg

Jack and the mystery of Halloween night.

My name is Amanda Blackwood and I live in a small neighborhood in the city of Portland, my home is near a dense Douglas fir forest, I know the name because my dad is a great nature lover and tries to teach me and mine brother Damien all the names in Latin, it is a deadly bore but at least we have the excuse to be together and learn something.

My house is a large hut of ...

love Porto Ferro.jpg

Writing Love has its difficulties. First part

Do you believe in genetic predisposition?

Hello readers friends,

did you start the day well? Not me.

Have you ever done things casually? To me yes, also because I often sleep little at night and so in the morning if I don't drink coffee I look like a zombie. The only mistake on my part was buying new pods for the coffee machine on Saturday, which ones?

Tramonto sul mare a L'argentiera.jpg

Writing Love has its difficulties. Second part

Good morning friends readers, I'm sorry to have left you waiting for the sequel but it was necessary ... I'm joking actually I had so many things to write, besides I was really pleased to receive your comments, even outside school some mothers asked me: "when do you publish the rest of the story? ". Ok, I'll satisfy you.

Let's pick up where I left off.

After a ten minute walk I ...

Nature and ...

Lago d'Orta pontile.jpg

The house on the lake

Welcome reader friends today I will tell you a story with a mysterious flavor, for lovers of the mystic but also for those who believe that there is something after death.

Have you ever happened to be in a place and have the feeling that you have already been there?

As a soundtrack for the reading I suggest a very sweet song: Sade - Pearls ...


Sardinia, land of sea and surf, what you did not expect. Second part

Last night I had a dream, I was on my red and white surfboard, I was riding a very high wave and then I fell into the water. The sensation was so vivid that I felt the coolness of the water on my body, I was immersed and saw the light filtering into the water and at the same time trying to get back up.

I was not scared, far from it I was at peace with myself, I think this is what those who experience the sea feel ...


To my father

Welcome reader friends,

today I propose a story that I wrote last year. We often write to exorcise our fears and our thoughts, or simply to remember… in this case it is a very personal reading so I want to dedicate it to my father, indeed to all the fathers who will read it.

The soundtrack falls on one of his favorite songs: Summertime by Billi Holiday ...


Sardinia, land of sea and surf, what you did not expect.

Goodmorning everyone,

what's better than a post at the end of summer?

Here I am after the summer break to tell you a piece of my summer directly from my home. Obviously not from Sardinia but from the mountains where I live now.

If you are wondering how do I live with this diversity ... well ...


Around the world


Betrayal, deceit, infidelity!

First part

Welcome reader friends,

for reading this story I suggest the piece by Keane-Everybody's changing, very sweet.

If we look up the word infidelity in the dictionary, we will find the explanation of the term but not the causes that determine it, because this is how it works.


Betrayal, deceit, infidelity!

Second part

I bet you are eager to know how it will turn out between Adam and Jade so here is the rest of the story.

When you think the time has come… it usually never is.

My friend I'll call Giada - it's a name I really like and it reminds me of Jada Pinkett the wife of that great handsome boy Will Smith - she r

Red bus in London.jpg

Weekend with a surprise!

Nice Monday to everyone,

today I started the day listening to the song of a musical group that I hadn't heard for some time ... also because it left the scene in 2012.

I'm talking about The Cardigans, a Swedish band founded in 1992 in the city of Jönköping, which achieved success in 1995.

I had a reason not to listen to their songs ...

Aurora Redville sotto effetto Grant.jpg

The Grant effect


Aurora Redville

Kisses are like nectar, you are never full, and this is the Grant effect

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